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Shorten your links with Bitly

Bitly is an online service provider that allows users to shorten URLs. Users can share these links anywhere on the internet via emails and social media sites. The leading link manager platform offers various tools through which users can analyze link performance and gather insights. It empowers brands to improve customer experience and take user management to another level. Available for free as a web application, Bitly also has an Enterprise version offering deep links, branded URLs, detailed analytics, and much more.

Why do I need Bitly?

A few years ago, URLs didn’t need to be short. Users would copy and paste links precisely as they were generated. Twitter and its 140-character limit, prompted users to look for applications that would minimize any link on the internet. Bitly generator soon became popular and gained the title of the world’s most-loved URL converter.

The free URL shortener platform lets users take their long URLs and shorten them for personal use. These converted links have domain along with a few randomly generated numbers and letters. You can share these shortened links anywhere on the internet without worrying about them taking users to a 404 page.

Moreover, each Bitly URL has its very own statistical page, which offers insights into its performance. Over time, users can track incoming traffic by the hour as well as the percentage of clicks on all the links leading to the same content or articles directory.

Consequently, Bitly analytics offers you a chance to gather information on trending topics on your website and identify what brings in users and what doesn’t. As a truly valuable insight tool, the Bitly app is perfect for running numerous marketing campaigns.

Apart from running social media advertisements, Bitly URLs are useful when sending SMS messages as well as posting tweets and social media stories. The services, including link shortening and analytics, are free for all users across the world. However, businesses and enterprises can do a lot more with Bitly’s paid features.

Bitly’s premium features are worth noting

What started as a link shortener service turned into a web service trusted by numerous brands, including Nike, Gartner, Disney, and more. The premium version of Bitly URL shortener offers an array of features that give brands more agency over the published link.

The paid version of the software gives clients the option to edit any link generated via Bitly. Clients can replace the domain with their brand name, thereby increasing brand recall among different audiences. Shorter URLs with personalized brand names are also a lot easier to memorize.

Businesses and enterprises that opt for the premium plans get access to detailed analytics present on the interactive dashboard. This user management tool provides users with complete information about links created via Bitly. This data could even be in the form of 20 reports, urging businesses to understand more about the content they post, the audience that visits their pages, and the user-journey they follow.

Another great thing about the paid platform is that it allows clients to access Bitly login via multiple devices and accounts. All you need is a username and password. Users can create an account using their email address or access the dashboard directly via their Facebook or Gmail accounts. This functionality also supports team collaborations, thereby helping businesses both big and small, run successful marketing campaigns.

The cost of using Bitly’s premium features is divided into two separate plans. Users can either opt for the Basic Plan or talk to a salesperson to get a custom quote according to their particular requirements. While the former includes an option to create 1,500 branded links, the latter can get brands the freedom to generate over 500,000 unique links. Ultimately, Bitly pricing solely depends on your needs and can be adjusted to fit your requirements.

How to create a Bitly link?

Creating a shortened link via Bitly is very simple. Copy the link you wish to shorten and visit the Bitly website. On the homepage, you will find a bar, which looks very similar to Google’s search bar. Paste the URL in it and click on ‘Shorten’. You can copy and use the shortened link anywhere you like. Links created via Bitly are always anonymous, so you never have to worry about your privacy or online trace.

Is Bitly secure?

Bitly links are entirely secure and ensure that you have control over your data. People who opt for the premium plan can rest easy knowing their links are safe and don’t ever lead users to malicious content.

Are there any Bitly alternatives?

Though Bitly is one of the best URL shorteners in the market, it does have some serious competitors. If you want to compare link management tools before finalizing, you should check out other alternatives like TinyURL and Rebrandly. Both of these tools provide different features; however, one thing remains the same; they all can shorten URLs.

Get a Bitly link!

Everyone who has ever wanted a short URL would be aware of the existence of Bitly. The much-loved web app has always been free for users to create links and gain insights. Links generated via this platform are easy to share on social media sites and messaging apps. Since they also offer insights, they’re pretty useful when running advertisements. While the free version has no qualms, the premium version can seem expensive.

However, when you pay for Bitly, you get numerous features that your business would otherwise lack. For starters, Bitly lets premium users create branded links, get detailed insights, and multiple user accounts. Moreover, the premium app only has one fixed plan, and the other is a custom quote users can get based on their exact requirements. So, if you haven't already shortened a link, it’s time to give Bitly a try!


  • Free URL shortener platform
  • Offers in-depth link analytics
  • Lets users create personalized links
  • Simple and clean interface


  • Some features are limited to premium users

Program available in other languages

Bitly for Web Apps

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 1.0
  • 4
  • (891)
  • Security Status

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